Creating a safe space for everyone at the table.


Off the Table began over a year ago because a new Dungeon Master wanted to talk to others about the experience of DMing and playing in Table Top Role Play Games. We started small, a weekly show where we came together to give each other advice and share stories - all centered around our one commonality. Games.

Since our beginnings, Off the Table has strived to create a safe community where friends come together to share our love for this hobby we all have. From our one advice show we grew, expanding to explore new systems with new faces each season.

Now on our fifth season of Off the Table, we host 9 different shows with 9 different systems. Each season we run a variety of different systems with new and returning faces, striving to promote player safety and diversity.

We will continue to work together as a community to make everyone feel welcome to share their stories and will continue to offer our best advice week after week.

If you’d like to get involved, contact us for a link to the discord!


Special thanks to Katy, Dave, Mathias and others for helping make this site a reality.