Under the watchful eye of DM Summer, Loralee (Katy), Rasin (Dingo), Agnes (Lauren), and Garrak (Evan) explore the world of Thersha in this D&D 5E game.

A dark army has attacked and destroyed cities across Thersha, causing widespread death and destruction. Our heroes attempt to find a way to stop the army and survive in the harsh deserts around them. Many obstacles stand in their way but they continue on in hopes of finding a way to destroy the army that has taken so much from each of them.


My Neon Life Among the Casually Unreal is an Invisible Sun Narrative set in the surrealist fantasy backdrop of Fartown, where it is always Autumn. The War is over and we have won. We are Vislae; powerful magic users living in the city of Satyrine. We seek to reclaim the ruined city. Together we shape the world. Each player will establish their own Character Arc, story, and as they Walk the Path of Suns; which is the journey of the soul through life itself.

Invisible Sun is a roleplaying game of surreal fantasy. The player characters are vislae—wielders of magical power—recently returned to their true home: the Actuality, a world that seems like a surreal dream to those of us toiling aimlessly in the boring, grey realm you and I falsely believe is the real world. These characters face incredible challenges, visit breathtaking places, and discover secrets so astonishing that the only ones who can cope with them are those who understand the truth that powers the universe: Magic.


Set in the gritty world of Urban Shadows - San Guajona is a city where the supernatural exist and have factioned off into their own hierarchies.

Each week, Vincent (Eric), Mavis (Rachel), Alma (Grant), Frank (Jim), and Del (Katy) continue to pave their way through the city and deal with the never ending cycle of acitons and consequences - even as the city pushes against them.

After a murder changed the state of all the factions, the PCs are left figuring out their own place in the world - dealing with debts they owe and are owed. Master of Ceremonies Summer weaves together a story in this city that holds back no punches and where bad can happen at the roll of the dice.

San Guajona is a tight 2h show that plunges into the deep dark depths of urban fantasy—but done with such care and from the heart that it has quickly become a weekly staple of mine to catch. The masterful pacing and how the group plays to the system makes it an exemplary watch for anyone interested in Urban Shadows or just fantastic drama in general! - Mathias


For the past four seasons, Burning Angheln, a campaign using Luke Crane's Burning Wheel system, has been a tale of intrigue and overcoming evil - even with high costs. Stephen leads Summer, Dingo, and Katy through the world of Angheln as their characters attempt to survive in a harsh world where even the smallest belief is tested with dire consequences.

The three heroes, Rook (Summer), Helga (Dingo), and Freya (Katy), all pursue their separate desires - be they power, love or freedom.

This is our second longest running show on Off the Table and much has happened. You can catch the previous episodes on VOD and tune in live as we bring this epic tale to the end in our final season.


Do you need advice for your table? Do you have advice to share from your table? Then our bi weekly panel show, Off the Table is for you.

In this casual talk show - GMs from the Off the Table community and the TTRPG community at large come together to discuss topics and share how they run games. Viewers submit questions based on that session’s topic and answer based on personal experience, sharing laughs and genuine advice.

Past topics have included: safety tools at the table, creating npcs, worldbuilding, and so many more. It doesn’t matter if you have been running games for 20 or 2 years - everyone needs help from time to time. And this is what Off the Table aims to do.


A group of odd misfits explore and investigate the supernatural. Addy/Bess (Summer) is the investigative expert of the group knowing more about the paranormal than most people would dare to learn. An unaging facsimile of a young Addy is present in Pippa (Dingo), a protector of Addy and uses her spooky innate magical powers. Lucius (Dave), a monstrously charming half-devil, helps to guide Pippa’s control over her powers while exploring his relationship with Reagan (Taylor), a crooked grifter turned thrill/pleasure seeker with six months left to live due to a deal they made with the devil Algax. The group is “overseen” by Addy’s cousin in the FBI Chip (Lex) who’s gentle heart and absent-mindedness provide a bit of a contrast to his more professional job.

This band of eccentric individuals works to solve odd mysteries as they come up. Travel with this group as they deduce a mysterious case of missing teens, trying to discover what happened while dealing with their own struggles. Join them as they explore the unique relationships they’ve built while seeing the havoc that journey can bring all while having their motivations pulled on by the illustrious keeper, Katy. Run in Monster of the Week, Tales from the (insert current locale here), is a narrative first gameplay system that allows the cast to explore the odd mysteries in the supernatural that abound from rural Penshaw to downtown Vegas while maintaining a very heavy character and roleplay focused play-style.

If you’re a fan of meta-normal mysteries, touching character moments, high-stakes intensity, and gut-wrenching roleplay, Off the Table’s Monster of the Week is the game for you.


Adventures in the Wild Blue is a swashbuckling epic story set in the world of John Harper's Lady Blackbird. The Outsiders, a ragtag crew of people on the run from the Empire for one reason or another, must deliver Lady Brynn "Birdie" Blackbird to her once secret lover the Pirate King Uriah Flint. As they travel to the Remnants, the Outsiders must face obstacles in the forms of sky pirates, Imperial forces, and personal turmoil and conflict. But there's two sides to every story, and as the Outsiders unravel their side of the story, the Imperials will be unravelling the other side on Scratticus Academy on the alternating weeks!

Lady Blackbird is a PbtA system set in a steampunk sci-fi world. The Wild Blue is an expanse of endless sky, where planets orbit around a small, cold star. Sky ships flit between the Empire, the Free Worlds, and the Remnants, crossing the entirety of the solar system in only 6 weeks.